P118 Patients’ satisfaction with medication information provided by nurses using independent nurse prescribing (INP) or patient group directions (PGDS) in uk sexual health services

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IntroductionNurses’ ability to independently deliver medication was introduced to improve patients’ access to medication and experience of healthcare services. INP and PGDs are used frequently in sexual health services; however, there is limited evidence of patients’ satisfaction with medication information provided.MethodsNurses (INP or using PGD) from five UK sexual health services distributed a questionnaire to patients with whom they had consulted and delivered medication, Sept 2015 – Aug 2016. The questionnaire was informed by Birmingham’s sexual health service satisfaction questionnaire and the Satisfaction with Information about Medicines Scale (SIMS).ResultsOf the 393 patients who received a questionnaire, 92% (n=360) responded. Patients who had received medicines via a PGD and INP reported nurses to be friendly and approachable (n=359/360, 99%); that they installed confidence and trust (n=357/360, 99%); explained the reasons for medications clearly (n=349/360, 97%); and suitably answered questions (n=335/360, 93%). Of the 89% (n=348/360) of respondents who completed the SIMS, an overall score of 13.3/16 was achieved: the higher the score, the greater the satisfaction. The largest points of dissatisfaction related to not receiving information on whether they could drink alcohol (n=58/348, 17%), potential for drowsiness (n=54/348, 16%) or side effects (n=37/348, 11%).DiscussionPatients predominantly provided positive feedback regarding their medication consultations with nurses. High SIMS scores identified overall satisfaction with medication information. Further consideration may be needed on the potential problems medications can cause to further improve patient satisfaction (e.g. advice on alcohol consumption, side effects and drowsiness potential).

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