P157 Utility of chlamydia care pathway for standardisation of quality measures for management of chlamydia trachomatis

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IntroductionThe Chlamydia Care Pathway (CCP) describes individual steps of comprehensive case management for Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) providing standardised methodology to compare outcomes. We audited CCP in a central London service to identify aspects requiring service improvement.MethodsAll patients diagnosed with CT in 6 months in 2016 were identified from the electronic patient record system. A random sample of 60 notes was assessed against each step of the CCP.ResultsThere were 35,995 new patient appointments and 1700 patients had positive CT results. Of the sample, 32 were male, 28 female. Median age for men was 34, range 20–71 years, women 24, range 17–28 years. 14/32 of males were MSM, 18/32 heterosexual. All females were heterosexual. 14/60 of patients were contacts of CT and 11 of the male patients were diagnosed with non-specific urethritis and were treated on the same day. Test turnover time was median 6, range 2–10 days. 50/60 patients were informed on the day the results were available. Of the 35/60 patients requiring treatment, time taken for them to attend was median 1, range 0–50 days. 56/60 had documented contacts informed, 18/60 had documented contacts treated. 19/60 attended for repeat tests 3 months later of whom 2 had new infections.DiscussionThis review identified areas for improvement, such as partner notification documentation and test turnover time. Review of other sites within the sustainability and transformation footprint is planned. This tool may be useful to commissioners for standardising quality measures and comparing performance of testing sites in a locality.

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