P170 Improving staff integration through means of a combined clinic rota

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IntroductionWith the national move to integrated sexual health services confusion regarding staff leadership and roles can increase already high levels of stress and anxiety. Costs for professional rota management services can vary so we aimed to achieve an in-house system.MethodsThough co-located in the same building SRH and GU/HIV clinics were traditionally staffed separately. The local tender was awarded to the University Hospital clinic as hub with spokes providing an equitable city-wide service. Previously there were four separate rotas to staff SRH, GUM, and HIV services. Bringing together a group of health professionals with varying degrees of dual training can be difficult so we took this opportunity to ensure an adequate skill mix was available for each clinic, help staff identify who was available for advice, improve cross-specialty training and thereby enhance the overall patient experience. A clinic co-ordinator doctor role was established to provide focus for leadership and advice (GU/HIV) with corresponding clinic co-ordinator nurse staffed by senior contraception clinicians.DiscussionRotas were combined onto a single colour-coded template. Editing rights were restricted to named individuals aware of staff mix and availability. Numbers were calculated at the start of each day and communicated to reception to ensure spread of appointments. The CCD role was utilised to help teach SRH colleagues in GU with the CCN providing a reciprocal service for contraception. Combining the rota encouraged staff to integrate and get to know each other so that perceived fears were dealt with in a safe reassuring environment.

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