On Seasonal Variation of the 162 kHz Radio Wave Reflection Height: Model Calculations and Their Comparison with Experiments

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The seasonal variation of the 162 kHz radio wave reflection height was measured indirectly at Panská Ves using the IPHA method described in Fišer and Matys (1992). The fact that these waves are reflected at the height where the electron concentration is about 3.5 × 108m−3 was used to model this height using a 1-D model of the lower ionosphere electron concentration described by Ondrášková (1993). The comparison of the measurements and model results indicates that: 1. The annual mean of the reflection height derived from measurements is several km higher than that derived from the model; 2. the character of the modelled seasonal variation is different from the real variation shown in Fišer and Laštovička (1992). The differences are discussed.

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