Novel siloxane polymers as polymer electrolytes for high energy density lithium batteries

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A variety of disubstituted (double-comb) polysiloxane polymers have been prepared containing linear, branched, and cyclic oligoethyleneoxide units, –(OCH2CH2)n–, in the side chains and as part of the siloxane backbone. Copolymers, using mixtures of linear ethylene oxide side chains, were also synthesized. These polymers were doped with LiN(SO2CF3)2 (LiTFSI, 1) and conductivities of the polymer-salt complexes were determined as a function of temperature and doping level. The maximum conductivity of these polymers at 25 ° C was 2.99 ×10−4, for a copolymer containing equimolar amounts of side chains with n = 5 and 6.

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