Stable 2H-azasilirene and 2H-phosphasilirene
Formation of a long range ordered polysilsesquioxane O1.5Si-Ph-SiO1.5 by thermal polycondensation of 1,4-bis(trihydroxysilyl)benzene*
Novel convenient synthesis and chemoselective derivatization of 1-sila-4-stannacyclohexanes
Reduction of tetrakis(trimethylsilyl)butatriene by lithium
Synthesis of a heptacoordinate trichlorosilane with a tetradentate ligand and unusual stability for nucleophilic substitution*
Dianionic complexes with hexacoordinate silicon(IV) or germanium(IV) and three bidentate ligands of the salicylato(2–) type
Syntheses and properties of sila-functional oligosiloxanes
Photo-initiated bromination of octakis(1,1,2-trimethylpropyl)octasila- cubane with tetrabromomethane
Spin-spin interaction between phenyl nitroxides through the σ-π system*
Synthesis and structures of sila-macrobicyclic compounds
Solvent effect on TEOS film formation in the sandstone consolidation process*
Synthesis and photophysical studies of siloxane-tethered cyclophanes*
Synthesis of poly(diallyl phthalate) and silica gel polymer hybrids utilizing π–π interactions
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