Simulation in Interprofessional Clinical Education: Exploring Validated Nontechnical Skills Measurement Tools

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Summary Statement

The research literature regarding interprofessional simulation-based medical education has grown substantially and continues to explore new aspects of this educational modality. The aim of this study was to explore the validation evidence of tools used to assess teamwork and nontechnical skills in interprofessional simulation-based clinical education. This systematic review included original studies that assessed participants’ teamwork and nontechnical skills, using a measurement tool, in an interprofessional simulated setting. We assessed the validity of each assessment tool using Kane’s framework. Medical Education Research Study Quality Instrument scores for the studies ranged from 8.5 to 17.0. Across the 22 different studies, there were 20 different assessment strategies, in which Team Emergency Assessment Measure, Anesthetist’s Nontechnical Skills, and Nontechnical Skills for Surgeons were used more than once. Most assessment tools have been validated for scoring and generalization inference. Fewer tools have been validated for extrapolation inference, such as expert-novice analysis or factor analysis.

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