Simulation as a Critical Resource in the Response to Ebola Virus Disease
Establishing a Safe Container for Learning in Simulation
Is Clinical Trial Registration for Simulation-Based Research Necessary?
Using Simulation to Assess the Influence of Race and Insurer on Shared Decision Making in Periviable Counseling
External Validation of Scoring Instruments for Evaluating Pediatric Resuscitation
Preoperative Simulation for the Planning of Microsurgical Clipping of Intracranial Aneurysms
Pediatric and Neonatal Intubation Training Gap Analysis
Adapting to the 30-Degree Visual Perspective by Emulating the Angled Laparoscope
Simulation of Intraoperative Pacemaker Failure
Research Abstracts to be Presented at the 15th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare
Board #100 - Research Abstract Using Simulation to Document Improvement of Resident Skills during Chest Tube Insertion (Submission #9986)
Board #101 - Research Abstract Simulation in Undergraduate Psychiatry Education
Board #102 - Research Abstract Comparing Standard Vs. Video-Based Teaching For Ultrasound-Guided Internal Jugular Central Venous Catheter Access For 4th Year Medical Students (Submission #8825)
Board #103 - Research Abstract Coaching from the Sidelines
Board #104 - Research Abstract The Growth of Simulation Fellowships (Submission #9902)
Board #105 - Research Abstract Handoff Performance Across Varying Levels of Expertise (Submission #9561)
Board #106 - Research Abstract Is Watching as Good as Doing? Comparison of Resident Participant and Observer Perceptions of Immersive Simulations (Submission #9836)
Board #107 - Research Abstract Assessing the Critical Thinking of Newly Licensed Nurses Through Simulation (Submission #8990)
Board #108 - Research Abstract Using Reflective Writing to Assess Impact of an Inter-Professional Cardio-Pulmonary Workshop for Medical, Nursing and Respiratory Therapy Students (Submission #8645)
Board #109 - Research Abstract Implementation of a Pediatric Mock Code Blue PRogram at a Tertiary Care Facility
Board #110 - Research Abstract Constructing the Cornerstones for C.A.T.E.S. (Submission #9050)
Board #111 - Research Abstract Improving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation With a CPR Feedback Device and Refresher Simulations (CPR Cares Study)
Board #112 - Research Abstract Remotely Versus Locally Facilitated Simulation-Based Training in Management of the Deteriorating Patient by Newly Graduated Health Professionals
Board #113 - Research Abstract Pediatric Resident Interactions in Clinical Simulation With an LGBTQ Patient (Submission #8531)
Board #114 - Research Abstract Checklists or Global Ratings for Simulation-Based Assessments
Board #115 - Research Abstract Evaluating the Education of Pharmacy Students and Pharmacists at a Pediatric Hospital Using an Educational Module and Simulation Training Versus Educational Module Alone (Submission #10181)
Board #116 - Research Abstract There’s More to Simulation in High School than Driver’s Ed and Fire Drills
Board #117 - Research Abstract Peer Teaching
Board #118 - Research Abstract Real Time Quantification of Stress during High-fidelity Human Simulation for a Standardized Learning Experience (Submission #9956)
Board #119 - Research Abstract Quantifying Clinical Performance During Simulated Pediatric Cardiac Arrest (Submission #9887)
Board #120 - Research Abstract Use of a Commercially Available High-fidelity Mannequin with QCPR as a Realistic Model to Simulate Sudden Cardiac Arrest in a Collapsed Athlete (Submission #9334)
Board #121 - Research Abstract Perception Versus Performance
Board #122 - Research Abstract Comparison of Hospital Code Team Get with the Guidelines Resuscitation Performance Metrics in Simulation Center-Based Scenarios, In-situ Scenarios, and Clinical Cases (Submission #9587)
Board #123 - Research Abstract How Much did You Move? A Novel Objective Measurement of Leadership (Submission #9726)
Board #124 - Research Abstract How Simulation-based Teamwork Training Translates into Benefits for Patients (TOSTI study)
Board #125 - Research Abstract Instructional Design of a Training
Board #126 - Research Abstract Impact of a Novel Decision Support Tool on Adherence to Neonatal Resuscitation Program Algorithm (Submission #8022)
Board #127 - Research Abstract Long-Term Outcomes of Pre-clinical HFMS
Board #128 - Research Abstract Comparison of Instructor-led versus Peer-led Debriefing among Nursing Students (Submission #8781)
Board #129 - Research Abstract Identifying Conditions Affecting Complexity of Lumbar Puncture to Guide Simulation Instructional Design for Novice Learners (Submission #8730)
Board #130 - Research Abstract Performance and Cognitive Load Among Novices Training on Simple vs. Complex Simulation Scenarios During Procedural Skills Training
Board #131 - Research Abstract The Influence of High-fidelity Pre-operative Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Board #132 - Research Abstract Use of Medical Simulation to Enhance Compliance with a State Mandated Sepsis Protocol in Children (Submission #10293)
Board #133 - Research Abstract Implementation and Impact of a Just-in-Time Assessment to Determine Intern Readiness to Perform Their First Infant Lumbar Puncture (Submission #8534)
Board #134 - Research AbstractThe Effect of Hybrid Learning with Nuring Students’ Clinical Competency
Board #135 - Research Abstract Interim Results of Randomized Controlled Simulation Testing of Standard and Automated Device-Assisted Pre-hospital Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Approaches (Submission #8205)
Board #136 - Research Abstract The Value of Interprofessional Learning in a Simulation-based Workshop
Board #138 - Research Abstract Effect of Shift Work Fatigue on Clinical Performance of PGY-3 Emergency Medicine Residents as Measured During High-Fidelity Simulation Cases (Submission #9315)
Board #139 - Research Abstract Development of a Multi-Station Assessment of Senior Pediatric Residents (Submission #8630)
Board #140 - Research Abstract Factors Related to Paramedic Program Interprofessional Simulation (Submission #8262)
Board #141 - Research Abstract Use of In-Situ Simulation to Familiarize Staff with a New Emergency Department and to Investigate Latent Safety Threats (Submission #9356)
Board #142 - Research Abstract The Effectiveness of Instructional-design Based Simulation Scenarios for Postpartum Hemorrhage (Submission #7894)
Board #143 - Research Abstract Simulated Patient as Co-facilitators
Board #144 - Research Abstract From ‘There’ to ‘Here’ to ‘Elsewhere’
Board #145 - Research Abstract Effectiveness of a New Secondary Task to Detect Mental Workload Changes During Laparoscopic Simulator Training (Submission #10232)
Board #146 - Research Abstract Longitudinal Assessment of Trainees’ Pediatric Code Leadership Through Simulation (Submission #10193)
Board #147 - Research Abstract Pancreaticoduodenectomy and Hepaticojejunostomy
Board #148 - Research Abstract A Radiological Dispersal Device Explodes in Brooklyn
Board #149 - Research Abstract Using Human Factor Analysis To Improve Intubation Success (Submission #9554)
Board #150 - Research Abstract SLIDE
Board #151 - Research Abstract Training for Time-Outs Prior to Invasive Procedures
Board #152 - Research Abstract Man vs. Machine
Board #153 - Research Abstract The Creation of a Simulator Value Index Tool by Connected Consensus (Submission #8590)
Board #154 - Research Abstract Creation and Evolution of a Simulation Instructor Course
Board #155 - Research Abstract Get Your ACTs Together
Board #156 - Research Abstract Simulation Training among Cardiology Fellows Improves Echocardiographic Performance
Board #157 - Research Abstract Transitioning from FLS Penrose Drains to Human Cadaver Tissue
Board #158 - Research Abstract CAB Versus ABC
Board #159 - Research Abstract The Use of Virtual Reality Simulation for Decontamination Training with Undergraduate Nursing Students (Submission #8972)
Board #160 - Research Abstract Reliability, Validity Evidence, and Pass/Fail Scores of the Training and Assessment of Basic Laparoscopic Techniques Technical Test (Submission #8795)
Board #161 - Research Abstract Intrinsic Motivation of Preclinical Medical students Participating in High-fidelity Manikin Simulation (Submission #8250)
Board #162 - Research Abstract First Responders from an Out-Patient Clinic BLS Skills was Assessed using Simulation (Submission #10273)
Board #163 - Research Abstract Using Student-centered, Simulation-based Training to Improve Medical Students’ Procedural Skills (Submission #7623)
Board #164 - Research Abstract When the Manikin Dies
Board #165 - Research Abstract Transmural Multi-professional Simulation-based Obstetric Team Training and Its Effect on Quality of Care as Perceived by Women Who Recently Gave Birth (Submission #9135)
Board #166 - Research Abstract Objective Measurement of Team Behavior with Eye Tracking (Submission #9688)
Board #167 - Research Abstract Does Simulation have an Effect on Self Efficacy, Critical Thinking or Decision Making in Nursing Students? (Submission #10276)
Board #168 - Research Abstract Impact of Standardized Communication Techniques on Errors During Simulated Neonatal Resuscitation (Submission #8021)
Program Innovations to be Presented at the 15th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare
Board #200 - Program Innovation Development of a Multi-disciplinary Simulation-based Training Course for the Safe High Acuity Adult Retrieval Programme (SHAARP) (Submission #9978)
Board #201 - Program Innovation Mock Code for Real Changes
Board #202 - Program Innovation Simulated Organ Donation Requests (Submission #9770)
Board #203 - Program Innovation Evaluating Curricular Quality and Predicting Impact
Board #204 - Program Innovation Interprofessional Collaboration for Oral Health Education (Submission #8486)
Board #205 - Program Innovation The Pediatric Critical Care Boot Camp
Board #206 - Program Innovation Simulations into Pre-clinical Education for Patient Safety and Teamwork Training (Submission #9754)
Board #207 - Program Innovation LA-SIM
Board #208 - Program Innovation Modified Advanced Airway Life Support Training Curriculum (Submission #9200)
Board #209 - Program Innovation Dissemination of a Simulation-based Mastery Learning Curriculum for Central Venous Catheter Insertion at Veterans Affairs Hospitals (Submission #10180)
Board #210 - Program Innovation An Innovative Intern Preparatory Course
Board #211 - Program Innovation Integrating Simulation with Risk Management in Obstetrics (Submission #8857)
Board #212 - Program Innovation Taming Sepsis Education Program
Board #213 - Program Innovation Early Deployment of the AHRQ Team STEPPS Curriculum at UTSW– A pilot project with a Nursing Based Rapid Response Team. (Submission #8038)
Board #214 - Program Innovation The Use of Trigger Films to Improve the Differential Diagnosis and Management of Critical Events in the Operating Room (Submission #11612)
Board #215 - Program Innovation Called2Collaborate
Board #216 - Program Innovation An Interprofessional Approach to Disaster Preparedness Simulation (Submission #9317)
Board #217 - Program Innovation Promoting Clinical Success with a Student Nurse Extern Program (Submission #10218)
Board #218 - Program Innovation Incorporating User Group Views into New Course Development (Submission #9149)
Board #219 - Program Innovation Patient Safety
Board #220 - Program Innovation A Multidisciplinary, Longitudinal Simulation to Teach Pediatric Residents and Nurses How to Diagnose, Treat, and Manage Pediatric Patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (Submission #8207)
Board #221 - Program Innovation Development of a Novel Multi-Modal Obstetric Simulation Course for Emergency Medicine Residents (Submission #8691)
Board #222 - Program Innovation Creation of a Simulation-based Transition-to-Internship Curriculum for Graduating Medical School (Submission #9555)
Board #223 - Program Innovation The Project of Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Training in Chinese Remote Areas (Submission #9146)
Board #224 - Program Innovation Integration of Simulation Training throughout Undergraduate Medical Education (Submission #10053)
Board #225 - Program Innovation Development of Epidural Analgesia Education for Health Professional Students
Board #226 - Program Innovation Technology-supported Simulation
Board #227 - Program Innovation A pilot investigation of deliberate practice and Safe Nursing Skills-Competency Testing in a BSN program (Submission #10024)
Board #228 - Program Innovation Focused Simulation Scenarios with Pre-clinical Medical Students (Submission #8716)
Board #229 - Program Innovation Training Facilitators for Simulation in Healthcare Education (Submission #10075)
Board #230 - Program Innovation High-fidelity Simulation to Improve Dental Students’ Clinical Communication (Submission #9292)
Board #231 - Program Innovation Engagement of Student Nurse Observers in the Simulation Experience
Board #232 - Program Innovation The Ultimate High Fidelity Simulation
Board #233 - Program Innovation High-Fidelity Simulation as an Ideal Application Exercise for a Team-Based Learning Curriculum (Submission #10095)
Board #234 - Program Innovation The NHET-Sim program
Board #235 - Program Innovation A Multidisciplinary Simulation and Skills-based Curriculum Improves Resident Preparedness on ACGME-required Procedural Skills (Submission #10005)
Board #236 - Program Innovation Use of Smulation in the Development of Optimal Workflow for a Newly Remodeled Resuscitation Bay in a Tertiary Care Emergency Department (Submission #8229)
Board #237 - Program Innovation Improve Simulation Education Efficiency
Board #238 - Program Innovation High Fidelity Medical Student Microbiology Simulation (Submission #8901)
Board #239 - Program Innovation Drive By’ Simulation and Game-based Educational Fair to Promote Patient Safety Awareness (Submission #8087)
Board #240 - Program Innovation Simulation and Dental Education
Board #241 - Program Innovation Translation of Neonatal Lumbar Puncture Training to Clinical Care (Submission #7478)
Board #242 - Program Innovation Paediatric Preparation Day
Board #243 - Program Innovation Multi-Disciplinary High-Fidelity Advanced Cardiac Life Support Simulation Program
Board #244 - Program Innovation A Novel Evaluation Tool for Testing Emergency Medicine Level 1 Milestones Through Simulation During Intern Orientation (Submission #7599)
Board #245 - Program Innovation Organizational Learning from Simulations
Board #246 - Program Innovation Integrating High Fidelity Simulation within a Nursing Program
Board #247 - Program Innovation Engaging Learners in an Annual Nursing Staff Competency Blitz through Video Simulations (Submission #9201)
Board #248 - Program Innovation Unresponsive Patient Simulation for Undergraduate Nursing
Board #249 - Program Innovation Bragging About How Our Orthopedic Surgery Residents Got the “F” (Funding) They Deserved (Submission #7771)
Board #250 - Program Innovation Training Residents to Measure Intra-Abdominal Pressure Using Simulation
Board #251 - Program Innovation Experiential Learning at it’s Breast
Board #252 - Program Innovation The Role of EMR in RN Orientation using Experiential Learning
Board #253 - Program Innovation Testing Medical Students’ Skills Using Prosthetic Dermatologic Lesions on Standardized Patients (Submission #11574)
Board #254 - Program Innovation A Perioperative Teamwork Instructor Training Program for Supporting Perioperative Teamwork Training (Submission #10164)
Board #255 - Program Innovation Development, Implementation and Assessment of a Longitudinal Simulation Curriculum for the Management of Medical Emergencies
Board #256 - Program Innovation An Innovative Simulation Program Identifies and Addresses Risks to Patient Safety Among Nursing Students Commencing a Clinical Placement (Submission #9111)
Board #257 - Program Innovation Who Do You Call When Things Get Complicated? Simulations for Health Administration, Medicine and Nursing Students (Submission #8949)
Board #258 - Program Innovation Learning To Interact With The Legal System Using Simulation In Psychiatry (Submission #9698)
Board #259 - Program Innovation Family Centered Simulation (Submission #9435)
Board #260 - Program Innovation Evaluation of Tools to Assess Performance of Simulation Educators (Submission #9480)
Technology Innovations to be Presented at the 15th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare
Board #300 - Technology Innovation Validation with Expert Surgeons of the Anatomical Adult Knee Model for Training Techniques (Submission #9690)
Board #301 - Technology Innovation New Anatomical Simulator for Pediatric Neuroendoscopic Training (Submission #9599)
Board #302 - Technology Innovation Using Free Software-based IP-PBX System to Safely Simulate the Phone Call with Real Number (Submission #9569)
Board #303 - Technology Innovation Development and Validation of a Capillary Refill Simulator (Submission #8272)
Board #304 - Technology Innovation Tracheostomy Care Overlay System
Board #305 - Technology Innovation TITUS (Thoracic Intervention Training Unit Simulator)
Board #306 - Technology Innovation Modifications to the SimMan3G Advanced Patient Simulator for a High-fidelity Postpartum Hemorrhage Team-based Scenario (Submission #8851)
Board #307 - Technology Innovation A New Realistic Simulator for Maxillofacial Surgery (Submission #9900)
Board #308 - Technology Innovation A Multimodal Interactive System to Support Team Situational Awareness in Acute Care (Submission #9429)
Board #309 - Technology Innovation A Novel Code Team Leader Identification Solution (Submission #9033)
Board #310 - Technology Innovation Stay Calm and Use Skill Stations and Simulation Sessions to Troubleshoot Chest Tubes (Submission #10071)
Board #311 - Technology Innovation Overcoming Limitations of Current High-fidelity Simulators with the Use of an Innovative Scenario Design Paradigm (Submission #8613)
Board #312 – Technology Innovation 911 Response
Board #313 - Technology Innovation A Freeware and Off the Shelf AV solution for In-situ Simulation Anywhere (Submission #9361)
Board #314 - Technology Innovation Utilizing Screen-based Simulation to Debrief Manikin-based Simulation Scenarios (Submission #9288)
Board #315 - Technology Innovation Assessing Parent Understanding of Asthma Action Plan Education Using Interactive Parent Quiz (Submission #8948)
Board #316 - Technology Innovation A Lower Cost Solution to Track Simulation Activity for ROI Reports (Submission #8338)
Board #317 - Technology Innovation Anatomical Shoulder Simulator for Open Surgery and Arthroscopy Training (Submission #9584)
Board #318 - Technology Innovation Low Cost Skin Abscess Model for Incision and Drainage (Submission #8008)
Board #319 - Technology Innovation A Simulator for Open Surgery (Submission #8945)
Board #320 - Technology Innovation A Model of an Expanding Neck Hematoma (Submission #9512)
Board #321 - Technology Innovation The minor changes to manikin - new simulation capabilities (Submission #9630)
Board #322 - Technology Innovation Development and Preliminary Validation of a Novel Ventriculostomy Simulator (Submission #8635)
Board #323 - Technology Innovation High-fidelity Hybrid Simulator for Interprofessional Trauma Team Training (Submission #9456)
Board #324 - Technology Innovation Sim Huddles
Board #325 - Technology Innovation Development of Educational Perfusion Simulation Software for Cardiopulmonary Bypass (Submission #9144)