The Influence of Culture on Teamwork and Communication in a Simulation-Based Resuscitation Training at a Community Hospital in Honduras

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Summary StatementCommunication and teamwork are important aspects of medicine and have been a recent focus of resuscitation. Culture can influence communication and teamwork, and these effects have not been studied in low-resource settings. Using a case study and the TEAM scale, we evaluated how culture influences teamwork and communication during resuscitation simulations, in addition to examining other challenges of simulation research in low-resource settings. We observed lower scores in leadership and communication skills than have been seen in other studies using the TEAM scale, which led us to evaluate the possible role of culture in influencing these skills. The high power distance and collectivism in Latin America can make communication difficult, especially during debriefing. Furthermore, in a male-biased medical hierarchy, female nurses may be less likely to voice concerns. Ultimately, this commentary provides advice for taking the influences of culture into account when planning future simulation training in low-resource settings.

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