Surgery: The Treatment of Choice for Hemangiomas

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The management of hemangiomas has always been a matter of controversy. Traditionally, observation has been the mainstay of therapy, with the expectation that most of the lesions will disappear spontaneously. This treatment plan was based on the premise that surgical excision or other treatments might produce a worse result than simply waiting for the lesion to resolve with an acceptable cosmetic result. This plan has been challenged because of a growing number of specialty teams that address these lesions. This article examines various cases of pediatric hemangioma and evaluates the possibility of surgical excision as a first-choice treatment in these cases. One hundred fifteen cases of surgical excision of pediatric hemangiomas performed by a single surgeon over a period of 7 years were examined. Pre- and postoperative photographs were examined. Hemangioma location, size, and type; patient's age; and surgical technique are described. Acceptable cosmetic and functional results were achieved in all surgical cases. Early excision of hemangioma should be the procedure of choice in selected cases of hemangioma. Hemangiomas in areas where a significant cosmetic defect or functional defect might ensue should have surgical excision considered as first-line treatment.

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