Management of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Complications

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There is a broad spectrum of complications that can occur following cosmetic eyelid surgery. The experienced eyelid surgeon should be able to avoid most serious complications through proper patient selection, a comprehensive preoperative assessment and surgical plan, meticulous surgical technique, and appropriate postoperative care. The aesthetic eyelid surgeon must counsel a patient contemplating blepharoplasty surgery regarding typical expectations including edema, eyelid numbness, dry eyes, and mild blurred vision. Patients must also be aware of the risks and the signs of serious complications such as infection, hematoma, or severe vision loss. Oculofacial surgeons must be capable of managing these adverse outcomes. The management of these urgent complications as well as other significant postoperative problems including diplopia, lagophthalmos, eyelid malposition, severe chemosis and edema, crease abnormalities, and wound dehiscence is outlined in this review.

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