Approach to Reconstruction of Nasal Defects

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The nose is the most central and anterior projecting facial feature. Therefore, the presence of a defect is easily noticeable to the untrained eye. Return of the defect to the original form is an achievable end goal of reconstruction, necessitating appropriate reformation of three-dimensional geometry, proper establishment of symmetry, and excellent color and texture match to the adjacent structures. Regarding its physiological importance, disruption of the normal function may cause respiratory obstruction and contribute to patient distress. To achieve successful repair, preoperative preparation must consider the location, the layers involved, and the size of the defect. Prompt and well-organized repair minimizes the occurrence of progressive necrosis and severe late-stage deformity. Here the authors provide a framework to approach various nasal defects and provide a review of the novel ideologies and techniques. The workhorse of nasal repair, the forehead flap, is discussed independently due to the breadth of innovation.

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