Entrepreneurial Strategies to Seek Venture Capital Funding

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Innovation is vital for progress in any industry. Evolving technology, paired with human ingenuity, brings ideas for prototypes and business models. Many physicians conceptualize platforms to serve their patients; however, many struggle and ultimately fail to bring their product or service to market. Financing is often the limiting factor. Studies have proven venture capital (VC) funding to be a pivotal source for helping a business survive in its early stages. Plastic surgeons can benefit from learning how to seek out VC funding. In this presentation, common terminology and key players will be defined, from seed capital to angel investors. Doing recommended “homework” will help the plastic surgeon identify a financier tailored to their specific needs—ideally one with a focus in the medical space. A clear-cut approach to assembling a “pitch deck” presentation will be outlined to prepare the plastic surgeon for their first meeting. Insider pearls will be presented from the VC perspective. The plastic surgeon should be prepared to answer fundamental questions expected at different stages of the process. Nevertheless, each meeting also serves as an opportunity for the plastic surgeon to probe the VC firm and their intentions. The role of background checks, social media, and electronic profiles will be discussed. Transparency from both parties at all times can help establish a successful relationship, even if it ends in a referral to a better suited VC firm. Between January and September of 2017, $12.1 billion of seed and VC was invested into life science companies in the United States. Growth is exponential. The surgeon is at the frontier of developing ideas and cutting-edge products that help us serve our patients with enhanced care and improved outcomes. In seeking out the proper financier, your product or service can become a reality in the market, contributing to the betterment of medicine and plastic surgery.

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