Creating Value in Plastic Surgery

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Value is defined as the worth, utility, or importance something holds. It can be derived from a variety of goods and services and is relative to a given industry or population. This article will discuss elements of plastic surgery that hold value as to how it pertains to the key players in a medical transaction. It will also discuss strategies for identifying and generating value. Roles of the different members in a plastic surgery transaction were analyzed, specifically the patient, the surgeon, and the facility. Different factors that generated value for all parties were identified throughout the literature. Factors identified that created value included the following: the surgeon's knowledge, experience, and decision-making ability; and technical skill/speed, restoration of life, restoration of form and function, restoration of psychological deficit, instant surgical results, convenience of access, outcomes, cost accounting, research, compassion, and bedside manner. Plastic surgeons can gear their practice to provide the system and their patients with services that hold value. We present several factors that can generate value for the patient, surgeon, and hospital system.

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