Differential thermal analysis of the iron–platinum system

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In the present work, a phase diagram investigation of binary Fe–Pt alloys was carried out by means of the differential thermal analysis method. 12 different alloys were investigated with a NETZSCH STA 449C Jupiter© DCS unit in the temperature range of 300–1673 K and 3 alloys with a Setaram HTC 1800 K–DSC 2000 K calorimeter in the temperature range of 300–1988 K, respectively. The measurements were carried out in Ar as well as H2 atmospheres. The results obtained show a good agreement with previous investigations and bring new information for order/disorder phase transitions for FePt and FePt3 alloys, respectively, in the temperature range 1420–1610 K. Use of He instead of H2 in some of the trials showed that the impact of hydrogen on the measurements was insignificant.

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