Case report: metastatic adamantinoma of the Tibia—an unusual presentation

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A 26-year-old female with a tibial lesion diagnosed as an adamantinoma was treated with intra-lesional curettage, bone grafting and intra-medullary nailing. Six years post-surgery, she presented with an asymptomatic primary site but with a metastatic lesion in the mid-shaft of the ipsilateral femur and lung metastases. The femoral lesion was treated with wide excision and reconstructed with an allograft and plate fixation. Pulmonary metastatectomy was carried out for the lung lesions. A follow-up CT scan of the chest at 1 year after the surgery for the metastatic lesions revealed fresh unresectable bilateral metastases. Although cases of local recurrences and pulmonary metastases in adamantinoma are reported, this case is unusual in presenting without a local recurrence but with simultaneous skeletal and pulmonary metastases.

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