Application of iodinated starch powder using an atomizer spray gun – a new and effective tool to evaluate hypohidrosis

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Hypohidrosis is defined as diminished sweating in response to an appropriate thermal or sympathetic stimulus. When encountered in a clinical setting, it necessitates an accurate documentation of its pattern and extent to prognosticate the risk of associated heat-related illnesses. This can be achieved by thermoregulatory sweat testing which includes a starch–iodine sweat test that can be administered via various methods.


To describe and evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a novel method of using an atomizer spray gun in administering the starch–iodine test.


We describe the administration of the starch–iodine test via an atomizer spray gun (Series 700 Lab Model; Mitsuba Systems, Mumbai, India). The method was utilized for the evaluation of 30 individuals who presented with symptoms of hypohidrosis.


Application of iodinated starch powder prepared in-house with the atomizer spray gun achieved a lightweight and homogeneous coat on our patients' skin which allowed for clear visualization of the sweating pattern in areas of anhidrosis. The sharp demarcation of the pathological regions enabled the precise calculation of the affected body surface area of impaired sweating. Unlike the starch–iodine tests using the Minor and Wada methods, neither staining of the skin nor irritation was detected in this method.


We report a novel method of using an atomizer spray gun to perform the starch–iodine test in a rapid, reproducible, effective, and safe manner suitable for use in the clinical evaluation of hypohidrosis.

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