Auditory event-related potentials from a single-stimulus paradigm during rapid eye movement sleep

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Auditory evoked potentials to a 2000-Hz pure tone were recorded in wakefulness and in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. A late positive wave with a maximal amplitude over centro-parietal sites, called P300, was elicited in wakefulness, whereas a fronto-central wave, P200, and an occipital wave, P400, were elicited in REM sleep. The amplitudes of the P200 and P400 were smaller in the phasic (REMs present) than in the tonic (REMs absent) period, which might reflect sensory gating of external stimuli during REM generation. The findings confirm that the P200 and P400 can be evoked throughout REM sleep periods and both of them have different scalp distributions than that of the P300.

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