Linking impulsivity to dysfunctional thought control and insomnia
Factor structure of the Athens Insomnia Scale and its associations with demographic characteristics and depression in adolescents
Applying the quarter-hour rule
Priming affects poor sleepers but not normal sleepers on an Insomnia Ambiguity Task
The incidence and temporal patterning of insomnia
Sleep problems in general practice
A cohort study of the prevalence of sleep problems in adults with intellectual disabilities
Bargaining and trust
The effects of sleep and sleep deprivation on task-switching performance
No persisting effect of partial sleep curtailment on cognitive performance and declarative memory recall in adolescents
Medical exposures in youth and the frequency of narcolepsy with cataplexy
Prevalence, comorbidities and risk factors of restless legs syndrome in the Korean elderly population - results from the Korean Longitudinal Study on Health and Aging
Delayed blood pressure recovery after head-up tilting during sleep in preterm infants
Sleep and physical growth in infants during the first 6 months
Stimulus type does not affect infant arousal response patterns
Lack of impairment in glucose tolerance
Apples to oranges
Habitual ‘short sleep’
Farewell from the Editor in Chief
Sleep-related sweating in obstructive sleep apnoea
Heart rate increment analysis is not effective for sleep-disordered breathing screening in patients with chronic heart failure
Heat-shock protein 70
Sleep architecture changes during a trek from 1400 to 5000 m in the Nepal Himalaya
Retrograde effects of triazolam and zolpidem on sleep-dependent motor learning in humans
Sleep electroencephalogram in children with a parental history of alcohol abuse/dependence
Catastrophizing and symptoms of sleep disturbances in children
Endogenous ouabain-like compounds in locus coeruleus modulate rapid eye movement sleep in rats
Involvement of sympathetic function in the sleep-related change of gastric myoelectrical activity in rats
Differential effects of waking from non-rapid eye movement versus rapid eye movement sleep on cardiovascular activity
Sleep disturbances as a predictor of occupational injuries among public sector workers
Daytime sleepiness, psychomotor performance, waking EEG spectra and evoked potentials in women with severe premenstrual syndrome
Slow oscillations in human non-rapid eye movement sleep electroencephalogram
Sleep classification according to AASM and Rechtschaffen and Kales
Plasma adiponectin level and sleep structures in children with Prader-Willi syndrome
Unexpected survival of people with sleep apnoea
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