Journal of Sleep Research
The effects of sleep deprivation in humans
Effect of sleep deprivation on multi-unit discharge activity of basal forebrain
Sleep deprivation impairs spatial working memory and reduces hippocampal AMPA receptor phosphorylation
Sleep history affects task acquisition during subsequent sleep restriction and recovery
Reaction of sleepiness indicators to partial sleep deprivation, time of day and time on task in a driving simulator – the DROWSI project
Short sleep duration and long spells of driving are associated with the occurrence of Japanese drivers' rear-end collisions and single-car accidents
Perception of experimental pain is reduced after provoked waking from rapid eye movement sleep
Poor reported sleep quality predicts low positive affect in daily life among healthy and mood-disordered persons
Sleep disturbances in asymptomatic BRCA1/2 mutation carriers
The activation of the inflammatory cytokines in overweight patients with mild obstructive sleep apnoea
Genome-wide linkage of obstructive sleep apnoea and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in a Filipino family
Sleep-disordered breathing in children is associated with impairment of sleep stage-specific shift of cardiac autonomic modulation
The sleep of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on and off methylphenidate
Validating an automated sleep spindle detection algorithm using an individualized approach