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Sleep in mental disorders, ageing and memory, insomnia, external factors on sleep and basic research
Objective measures of sleep duration and continuity in major depressive disorder with comorbid hypersomnolence : a primary investigation with contiguous systematic review and meta‐analysis
Psychosocial work characteristics, sleep disturbances and risk of subsequent depressive symptoms : a study of time‐varying effect modification
Age affects sleep microstructure more than sleep macrostructure
The interaction of sleep and amyloid deposition on cognitive performance
Sleep duration and falls : a systemic review and meta‐analysis of observational studies
Sleep‐dependent memory consolidation is related to perceived value of learned material
Memory effects of sleep, emotional valence, arousal and novelty in children
Sleep‐dependent consolidation of face recognition and its relationship to REM sleep duration, REM density and Stage 2 sleep spindles
Insomnia management in prisons in England and Wales : a mixed‐methods study
Associations of domain‐specific physical activities with insomnia symptoms among 0.5 million Chinese adults
Impaired visual processing in patients with insomnia disorder revealed by a dissociation in visual search
Priming recognition in good sleepers and in insomniacs
Sleep quality of German soldiers before, during and after deployment in Afghanistan—a prospective study
Bedtime, shuteye time and electronic media : sleep displacement is a two‐step process
Physical activity, subjective sleep quality and time in bed do not vary by moon phase in German adolescents
Creatine supplementation reduces sleep need and homeostatic sleep pressure in rats
Helicid alleviates pain and sleep disturbances in a neuropathic pain‐like model in mice
Homeostatic response to sleep/rest deprivation by constant water flow in larval zebrafish in both dark and light conditions
Bayes' theorem and the rule of 100 : a commentary on ‘Validity of administrative data for identification of obstructive sleep apnea’
Rebuttal to Dr Bianchi Commentary