A Minimally Invasive Technique of Appendectomy Using a Minimal Skin Incision and Laparoscopic Instruments

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To take advantage of the laparoscopic procedure, a new minimally invasive technique of appendectomy for nonobese and uncomplicated appendicitis is presented. Initially, diagnostic laparoscopy is performed through a minimal skin incision (microceliotomy) 1.5–2.0 cm in length in the right lower abdomen to rule out other disease. Then an appendectomy is performed using conventional surgical instruments under direct vision through the previous skin incision. There were 18 women and 12 men in this series. The mean age was 22.6 years. Pathologic findings of the appendix were: 2 normal, 13 catarrhal, 10 suppurative, and 5 gangrenous type. The mean operation time was 30.7 min. The mean frequency of postoperative analgesic requirement (nalbuphine 0.2 mg/kg) was 0.9 times. The mean hospital stay was 4.1 days (range, 2–7 days), and the duration until return to full activity was 7.6 days (range, 5–14 days). There was no mortality or morbidity. This appendectomy technique is a useful method for minimizing the postoperative pain and operative scar, thus allowing the patient an early return to full activity.

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