Laparoscopic Repair for Perforation of Duodenal Ulcer with Omental Patch Report of Initial Six Cases

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We report our initial experience with perforated duodenal ulcer treated by laparoscopic repair with omental patch in six patients, and the results are compared with those of other procedures retrospectively. The average operative time was 85.0 min, and the estimated blood loss was 13.7 ml. The estimated blood loss of laparoscopic repair was significantly less than that of gastrectomy (p < 0.01). However, although all patients with gastrectomy or open omental patch needed administration of analgesia, only half of patients require analgesia in laparoscopic repair. No postoperative complication was encountered, and the recurrence of ulcer was not recognized in a mean follow-up of 10 months. We recognized this procedure to be safe and feasible. Although a larger number of patients with longer follow-up is needed, this procedure may become one of the treatments for perforated duodenal ulcer.

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