An Optimal, Cost-effective Laparoscopic Appendectomy Technique for Our Surgical Residents

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Since early 1999, we have implemented a standardized technique for laparoscopic appendectomy, which is simple, safe and easily learned and mastered by our residents. Besides superior ergonomics, it offers cosmetic advantages. It is inexpensive as only reusable instruments are used. It incorporates useful modifications, such as the use of suprapubic ports, inferior approach with repositioning of the videoscope from the umbilical port to the left suprapubic port, laparoscopic gauze swabs and instrument-assisted knotting, as well as skeletonization of the appendix. We analyze the outcome of this technique between January 2000 and December 2002. The overall conversion rate of 713 laparoscopic appendectomies was 8.7%, which is comparable with the “best” rates in international literature. Operative times (mean, 59.0 minutes) and the complication rate (6.7%) compared favorably with previous reports on resident training. In summary, our residents feel comfortable with our standardized approach, while producing acceptable results with low cost.

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