Stump Appendicitis: Case Report and Review

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The purpose of this study is to review the medical literature regarding the prevalence of appendicitis in patients with previous appendectomy. Stump appendicitis is a real entity not often considered when evaluating patients with right lower quadrant pain and a history of appendectomy. This leads to delays in diagnosis and treatment. An extensive review of the world literature using Medline, MD Consult, and the references of articles found using these methods to gather information regarding stump appendicitis. Results showed 29 cases of stump appendicitis have been reported in the world literature. Herein we review the literature as well as present a case study. Stump appendicitis is a real, yet probably underreported entity. It can occur after either laparoscopic or open appendectomy. Avoidance of a long appendiceal stump is the only suggested means by which to avoid its occurrence.

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