Gasless Endoscopic Thyroidectomy via an Axillary Approach: Experience of 30 Cases

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Surgery for thyroid disease requires skin incisions that can result in postsurgical problems such as prominent scars, adhesions, hypesthesia, and paresthesia in the neck. To overcome these problems we performed gasless endoscopic thyroidectomy via an axillary approach. Between May 2004 and April 2005, 30 patients underwent gasless endoscopic thyroidectomy via an axillary approach. The mean operating time was 126.8±32.4 minutes, and the mean length of hospital stay was 4.3±1.1 days. No cases required conversion to open surgery and none involved significant intraoperative complications. Three patients (10.0%) complained of slight hypesthesia or paresthesia in the anterior chest wall, and only 2 patients (6.7%) complained of discomfort while swallowing 4 months after surgery. All patients were satisfied with the cosmetic results. Gasless endoscopic thyroidectomy via an axillary approach is feasible and safe and provides excellent cosmetic results with a minimal degree of postoperative complaints.

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