Laparoscopic-assisted Stomach-partitioning Gastrojejunostomy for the Palliation of Gastric Outlet Obstruction From Antral Gastric Cancer

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Conventional gastrojejunostomy is performed for gastric outlet obstruction; however, we have experience of some patients for whom oral intake was not adequately restored. Open stomach-partitioning gastrojejunostomy is a useful technique for the relief of unresectable and obstructing antral gastric cancers. We herein report the successful laparoscopic application of this technique in 2 patients: a 62-year-old male and a 65-year-old female with obstructing antral gastric cancer. There were no operative complications, and blood loss was minimal. Oral fluid intake was resumed 3 and 4 days postoperatively. Chemotherapy by oral administration was possible for each patient. There was no recurrence of the gastric outlet obstruction in either patient up until they died 6 and 10 months after surgery. Laparoscopic stomach-partitioning gastrojejunostomy is a safe and useful technique for treating unresectable and obstructing antral gastric cancer, allowing the possibility of adequate oral intake and permitting the administration of anticancer drugs.

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