Endoscopic-Laparoscopic Cholecystolithotomy in Treatment of Cholecystolithiasis Compared With Traditional Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

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The study aimed to compare the application values of endoscopic-laparoscopic cholecystolithotomy (ELC) and laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) for patients with cholecystolithiasis. It did a retrospective analysis of 107 patients with cholecystolithiasis who underwent ELC and 144 patients with cholecystolithiasis who underwent LC. There is no significant difference in operating time and expenses when comparing ELC with LC (P>0.05). ELC showed significantly less blood loss during operation compared with LC (P<0.01). Shortened exhaust time (P<0.05) and hospital stay (P<0.01) were present in patients who underwent ELC. Moreover, ELC showed decreased occurrence rate of dyspepsia and diarrhea in comparison with LC (P<0.01). The stone recurrence rate of ELC was 16.67%. ELC decreased the recurrence of stone in common bile duct in comparison with LC. The contractile function of gallbladder was close to normal (P<0.05), and the thickness of gallbladder wall significantly decreased (P<0.001). Patients who underwent ELC showed less digestive symptom, good recovery, and low stone recurrence compared with those who underwent LC.

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