Comparison of the Recurrence Rates of Nonparasitic Hepatic Cysts Treated With Laparoscopy or With Open Fenestration: A Meta-Analysis

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This study aimed to compare the recurrence rates of nonparasitic hepatic cysts that were treated with laparoscopy or open fenestration.

Materials and Methods:

PubMed, Embase, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Wan-fang data, CNKI, CqVip, and CBM were searched for randomized controlled trials, cohort, and case-control studies that reported on the treatment of nonparasitic hepatic cysts with laparoscopy or with open fenestration. Studies that were published from the establishment of the databases to October 1, 2016 were retrieved. STATA software (version 13) was utilized for statistical analysis.


A total of 31 studies were included. Meta-analysis showed that the recurrence rates of hepatic cysts between the laparoscopy-deroofing and open-deroofing groups had no difference (odds ratio, 0.72; 95% confidence interval, 0.50-1.02; P=0.061). This result was in agreement with the result of subgroup analysis for solitary and multiple hepatic cyst.


These findings underscore the distinct role of laparoscopy deroofing in the treatment of hepatic cysts because of the certainty of its long-term curative effect.

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