Does Peritoneal Suction Drainage Reduce Pain After Gynecologic Laparoscopy?

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This study evaluated the effect of drain placement on pain intensity after gynecologic laparoscopy. This study enrolled 120 patients with benign gynecologic lesions who underwent laparoscopic surgery. Patients were randomly divided into a standard group or the modified group. The modified group received suction drains that remained in place until 12 hours after surgery. We assessed patients’ mean pain scores according to a visual analog scale at 12 and 24 hours after surgery. The mean pain score in the modified group was 6.01±1.96 at 12 hours after surgery and 3.86±1.57 at 24 hours after surgery. The standard group had a mean pain score of 5.43±1.7 at 12 hours after surgery and 3.51±1.27 at 24 hours after surgery. These findings did not significantly differ (P=0.6) even though the mean dose of parenteral analgesia was 0.68±0.83 in the standard group and 0.41±0.67 in the modified group (P=0.05). We observed no differences in complications and hospital stay between the groups. The data suggest that drainage may not reduce postoperative pain and should be used in its traditional role for potential bleeding or infections.

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