The Surgical Outcomes of Totally Laparoscopic Stomach-partitioning Gastrojejunostomy for Gastric Outlet Obstruction: A Retrospective, Cohort Study

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We have reported the effectiveness of laparoscopy-assisted stomach-partitioning gastrojejunostomy Roux-en-Y reconstruction (LASPGJ-RY) for gastric outlet obstruction (GOO). The aim of this study was to evaluate the surgical outcomes of totally laparoscopic stomach-partitioning gastrojejunostomy Roux-en-Y reconstruction (TLSPGJ-RY) for GOO.

Materials and Methods:

This retrospective study enrolled 19 consecutive patients with GOO. Surgical outcomes of LASPGJ-RY (LA group; n=8) and TLSPGJ-RY (TL group; n=11) between January 2004 and 2015 were compared. The patients’ background characteristics, operative findings, postoperative complications, and period to starting postoperative chemotherapy were examined.


Eligible cases included 6 patients with gastric cancer, 4 with pancreatic cancer, 4 with duodenal cancer, 4 with urologic malignancies, and 1 with benign duodenal stenosis. The patients’ background characteristics were not significantly different. In surgical outcomes, there were no significant differences in operating time, bleeding, complications (≥Clavien-Dindo grade IIIA), and postoperative hospital stay between the groups. The time to resume diet was significantly shorter in the TL group (median, 3 d; range, 3 to 6 d) than in the LA group (median, 5 d; range, 3 to 7 d; P=0.0093), and the number of patients who could receive chemotherapy after surgery was significantly higher in the TL group (P=0.039).


TLSPGJ-RY was a safe and feasible gastrojejunostomy procedure for GOO. TLSPGJ-RY might be useful for early resumption of oral intake after surgery.

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