Introduction : Biotechnology in Comparative Perspective – Regional Concentration and Industry Dynamics
The Role of Small Firms in U.S. Biotechnology Clusters
Ingredients in the Early Development of the U.S. Biotechnology Industry
The Competencies of Regions – Canada's Clusters in Biotechnology
Biotechnology Clusters in the U.K. : Lessons from Localisation in the Commercialisation of Science
Is the Creation and Development of Biotech SMEs Localised? Conclusions Drawn from the French Case
The (Failed) Development of a Biotechnology Cluster : The Case of Lombardy
Biotechnology Firms in Sweden
The Fourth Pillar? An assessment of the Situation of the Finnish Biotechnology
Clustering Biotech : A Recipe for Success? Spatial Patterns of Growth of Biotechnology in Munich, Rhineland and Hamburg
New Biotechnology Firms in Germany : Heidelberg and the BioRegion Rhine-Neckar Triangle