Southern Regional Trophoblastic Disease Center, 1972–1977

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The experience of the Southern Regional Trophoblastic Disease Center includes 222 patients who were referred from January 1972 to October 1977. The initial tissue diagnosis was hydatidiform mole in 212 patients and choriocarcinoma in ten. There was spontaneous remission of 142 (69%) of the moles and one of the choriocarcinomas, and 77 patients developed persistent trophoblastic disease. Of these, 58 had no evidence of metastasis, and all achieved remission with single-drug therapy. Nineteen patients developed metastases; 13 were in the “good prognosis” category, and all achieved remission with single-drug therapy. Five (83%) of the six patients with metastases in the “poor prognosis” group achieved remission with triple chemotherapy; one died of her disease.

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