Modeling of Thermodynamic Properties of Amino Acids and Peptides Using Additivity and HKF Theory
Comprehensive Investigation of Yttrium and Rare Earth Element Complexation by Carbonate Ions Using ICP–Mass Spectrometry
Apparent Molar Volumes of Divalent Transition Metal Cations in Dimethyl Sulfoxide Solutions
Viscosity, Surface Tension, and Refractive Index Measurements of Mixtures of Isomeric Butanediols with Water
Thermodynamics of the Ternary System : Lithium Sulfate–Sodium Sulfate–Water at 40°C
Applicability of the Bertrand, Acree, and Burchfield Method of Predicting the Relative Permittivity of Ternary Mixtures
Ultrasonic Study of Collagen Solutions