Thermodynamic Studies of the Complexation between Neodymium and Acetate at Elevated Temperatures
Potentiometric Study of the Association of Magnesium and Sulfate Ions at 25°C in High Ionic Strength Media
Enthalpies of Dilution of Aqueous Solutions of HCl, MgCl2, CaCl2, and BaCl2 at 300, 325, and 350°C
Polarographic Determination of Methanediol Deprotonation Constants in Alkaline Solutions of Various Ionic Strengths
Solubility of Solid Hexane and Cyclohexane in Liquid Argon at 87.3 K
A Direct Carbon-13 and Nitrogen-15 NMR Study of Praseodymium(III)- and Neodymium(III)-Isothiocyanate Complex Formation in Aqueous Solvent Mixtures