Generation of p53 Suppressor Peptide From the Fragment of p53 Protein
On the Spontaneous Mutability of CpG Sites in Cultured S49 Mouse Lymphoma Cells
Antigen S1, Encoded by the MIC1 Gene, is Characterized as an Epitope of Human CD59, Enabling Measurement of Mutagen-Induced Intragenic Deletions in the AL Cell System
Cloning and Characterization of Chinese Hamster CDC7 (ChCDC7)
Allocyclic X Chromosome Visualized by Drug-Induced Premature Chromosome Condensation
cDNA Sequence and Mapping of the Mouse Copb Gene Encoding the Beta Subunit of the COPI Coatomer Complex*
Genomics of the Human Genes Encoding Four TAFII Subunits of TFIID, the Three Subunits of TFIIA, as well as CDK8 and SURB7