Adaptation and Validation of a German Multidimensional and Multicomponent Measure of Social Identification

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The present article describes a reliable and valid German multidimensional multicomponent measure of social identification. A translation of the original Dutch measure of social identification (Leach et al., 2008) was adapted to the German context and validated in three different samples across three distinct identities using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Results of Study 1 (organizational identity, N = 419), Study 2 (national identity, N = 274), and Study 3 (gender identity, N = 833) confirm the psychometric qualities of the German measure and replicate the theoretical multidimensional multicomponent model of social identification including the self-definition (individual self-stereotyping, in-group homogeneity) and self-investment (solidarity, satisfaction, and centrality) dimensions. In addition, Studies 2 and 3 provide evidence for the construct validity of the German subscales of the social identification components.

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