The Effects of Multiple Stigmas on Discrimination in the German Housing Market

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In two online field-experiments (N1 = 336, N2 = 456) we investigated the effects of belonging to an ethnic minority, a sexual minority, or to both minority groups simultaneously on rental discrimination in Germany. We predicted that a Turkish heterosexual couple and a German gay male couple would receive fewer replies to their inquiries about a rental offering and fewer invitations for viewings than a German heterosexual couple. We also predicted that the intersection of two stigmatized identities would have beneficial effects and thus result in less discrimination of the Turkish gay male couple compared to the Turkish heterosexual couple. Chi-square tests revealed evidence of rental discrimination based on ethnicity, but not for discrimination based on sexual orientation; no evidence for beneficial effects of the intersection of two stigmatized identities was found. Implications for future research on discrimination of ethnic and sexual minorities are discussed.

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