Ischemia of the Lower Extremity : A Consideration of Surgical Indications and types of Operations*
Clinical Diagnostic Studies of the Gastrointestinal tract Utilizing Radioisotopes*
Premenopausal Care : the Challenge of Gynecology*
The Colostomy : technic, Management and Complications*
Replacement with Prosthetic Femoral Head as a Salvage Procedure*
Bone Reaction to Stainless Steel Fixation Material*
Clinical Evaluation of Percutaneous Splenoportal Venography*
Endocrine Clinic Hypopituitarism Following Postpartum Hemorrhage (Sheehan's Syndrome)
Study of treatment of Essential Hypertension*
Conference of Rehabilitation Centers (A Report)*
Renocolic Fistula : A Review of the Literature and a Case Report*
Analysis of a Study of Over 500 Patients Receiving Repeated Injections of an Anesthetic Drug into the Caudal Canal*
Intravenous Procaine in the Management of Some Cutaneous Manifestations of Collagen Diseases*
Lost tranquility : the Indications and Contraindications for the Use of tranquilizers*
Certain Aspects of the Practice of Medicine Among Females of Primitive and Modern Societies*
A Review of Orbital tumors*
The Prevention of Cardiac Arrest in Ocular Surgery*
Ulcerations of the Stomach in Diaphragmatic Herniation
Shoulder Pain in Quadriplegic Patients : A theory As to Its Cause*
Premature Labor and the Ruptured Marginal Sinus*
A Clinical Analysis of Bacteria Found in 2,000 Bladder Cultures*
Traumatic Hyphema*
The Practical Clinical Application of the Treponema Pallidum Immobilization Test
Fetal Endomyocarditis*
Southern Medical News
Books Received
Clinical Electrocardiography
Practical Electrocardiography
Physical Examination in Health and Disease
Parapsychology. Frontier Science of the Mind
Symposium on Diseases and Surgery of the Lens
Calderwood's Orthopedic Nursing
Subphrenic Abscess
***Anatomies of Pain
The Clinical Psychologist
Emotional Hazards in Animals and Man
Diseases and Disorders of the Colon
Atomic Energy in Medicine
Bone Tumors. General Aspects and an Analysis of 2,276 Cases
Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
Diseases of the External Ear
Practical Clinical Chemistry
Chemistry of Lipids as Related to ***Arteriosclerosis. A Symposium
The Infantile Cerebral Palsies
Urology and Industry
Drugs of Choice 1958–1959
Tumors of the Soft Somatic Tissues
Clinical Enzymology
A Text-Book of X-ray Diagnosis by British Authors
Microtechnics of Clinical Chemistry for the Routine Laboratory
Heart Disease—Cause, Prevention, and Recovery
Selected Writings of Walter E. Dandy
A Handbook on Diseases of Children