Child Abuse in Jackson, Mississippi
Influence of Age on Lithium Therapy
Combined Aortic and Renal Arterial Reconstruction
Accuracy of Staining Technique for Detecting Mycobacterial Infection
Significance of Serum Antibodies to Histoplasma capsulatum in Endemic Areas
Should Sputum Isolates of Haemophilus influenzae Be Serotyped?
Salmonellosis Outbreak at a Vermont Hospital
Multidrug-Resistant Serratia marcescens Bacteriuria Related to Urologic Instrumentation
Safety of Anterior Cement Fixation in the Cervical Spine: In Vivo Study of Dog Spine
Balanced Anesthesia: A Comparison of Butorphanol and Morphine
Carotid Ultrasonography in Carotid Artery Disease
Radiation Therapy for Early Glottic Carcinomas
Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma of the Larynx: A Light and Electron Microscopic Study With Emphasis on Histogenesis
Percutaneous Dissolution of Renal Calculi Using Ultrasonic Litholapaxy
Complications of Megavitamin Therapy
Emergent Burn Care
Therapeutic Value of Hope
Endocrine Metabolic Emergencies
Opportunistic Infections in Homosexual Men
Klebsiella pneumoniae Arthritis of the Hip in a Diabetic Patient
Bacteroides fragilis Pelvic Abscess: Resolution With Metronidazole Therapy Alone
Empyema Due to Salmonella typhimurium With Underlying Alveolar Cell Carcinoma
Left Atrial Myxoma: Phonocardiographic, Echocardiographic, and Micromanometric Hemodynamic Correlations
Tricuspid Valve Myxoma Infected With Dysgonic Fermenter-2
Spontaneous Hepatic Rupture in Pregnancy : Management With Hepatic Artery Ligation
Add-Fast Bacilli on Buffy Coat Smears in the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome : A Lesson From Hansen's Bacillus
Subacute Salicylate Intoxication in an Infant With Echovirus Type 11 Infection
Pancreatitis Induced by Intravenous Infusion of a Fat Emulsion in an Alcoholic Patient
Pneumothorax and Subcutaneous Emphysema Complicating Endotracheal Intubation
Acroangiodermatitis of Mali
Amphetamine-Induced Acute Renal Failure
Ultrasonography in the Prenatal Diagnosis of Gastroschisis
Biliary Cystadenoma
Extraordinary Alkalemia and Triple Acid-Base Disturbance
Severe Thyroid Atrophy Due to Prolonged Ingestion of Thyroid Hormone for Treatment of Obesity
Polymicrobial Brain Abscess in a Homosexual Man With Kaposi's Sarcoma
Neurosarcoidosis and Headache
Concomitant Pulmonary Aspergillosis and Nocardiosis in a Patient With Chronic Granulomatous Disease of Childhood
Ureteral Obstruction Due to Massive Fecal Impaction
Cancer Cellulitis
Snakebite Treatment
Snakebite Treatment
Snakebite Treatment
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Snakebite Treatment