Tooth surface protection for individuals who are mentally disabled

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For individuals with mental disabilities, oral hygiene care is often neglected, especially in the posterior teeth. One hundred children and young adults, aged 7 to 25 years, who had mental disabilities were chosen to participate in this study. Fuji VII glass ionomer cement (GIC) was applied to the cervical third of posterior teeth using a split-mouth design. The plaque accumulation on test and control side teeth were compared on follow-up examinations and the retention of the GIC was evaluated on each surface. Plaque scores increased over time in both the test and the control sides, although the scores were significantly less on the test side when compared to the control side. The GIC was best retained on the maxillary buccal surface, and least on the mandibular lingual surfaces. The overall retention of the GIC was not adequate as a preventive measure.

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