Another perspective on individuals with disabilities: An editorial

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In 2005, there were nearly 40 million individuals (14.9% of the population), 5 years of age and older, with one or more disabilities (not including individuals living in institutions).1There is a great variation at the state level: the proportion of the population with disabilities ranges as high as 10.4% in Maine for youngsters between 5 and 20 years, to 52.1% for individuals 65 years and older in Mississippi. By contrast, the lowest proportion of youngsters 5 to 20 years of age with disabilities was in Connecticut (4.5%) and the lowest proportion for individuals 65 years or older with disabilities was in Nevada (33.3%). Political and social factors may be affecting the number of services available and many people with disabilities are not receiving these services. This editorial discusses some of the factors that may affect access to oral health services for people with disabilities.

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