A novel prosthodontic alternative for patients who are edentulous and have microstomia: a case report

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Excision of squamous cell carcinoma from the lower lip of a patient can result in limited mouth opening (microstomia). For any patients who have this condition, routine or general dentistry and prosthetic treatment is challenging. Traditional denture techniques tend to be unsatisfactory, due to the patients' reduced ability to open their mouth. The use of sectional and modified dentures and those with a small degree of flexibility has been reported to be useful for patients needing complete dentures.This case report presents a flexible denture base material that can be manipulated on insertion into a smaller shape that is half the original size and is completely flexible for insertion into a mouth that has limited opening. Once seated on the maxillary and mandibular residual ridges, the denture regains its original form and becomes firm and strong to allow the patient to function. This procedure offers a prosthodontic treatment option for a patient with microstomia.

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