A comparison of compliance in medicaid versus non-Medicaid patients

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Background:Medicaid patients have been associated with lack of compliance during their orthodontic treatment in comparison with the non-Medicaid patients. In this study, Medicaid and non-Medicaid orthodontic patients’ compliance from a state university and private practice orthodontic clinic within close location were analyzed.Methods:Charts of 30 Medicaid and 30 non-Medicaid orthodontic patients at each orthodontic clinic were reviewed. From each chart, mean percentage of failed and late appointments, number of broken appliances, number of comments on compliance with auxiliary wear and number of comments on oral hygiene maintenance were recorded.Results:Statistically significant differences between Medicaid and non-Medicaid orthodontic patients were not found.Conclusions:The results of this study indicated that in general there are no differences between Medicaid and non-Medicaid orthodontic patients.Practical Implications:These results may alleviate the doubts of the dental practitioner in treating Medicaid patients.

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