Oral findings in a family with Tuberous sclerosis complex

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Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is an autosomal dominant disorder with a multisystemic character that may present alterations in multiple organ systems, including oral manifestations. This case report describes a family (mother and two sons) with TSC that underwent a multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing their oral manifestations and highlights the adequate approach taken. The children presented many and distinct features of TSC in different systems; however the family revealed similar oral manifestations. The oral findings were dental enamel pits on permanent teeth and spread gingival fibromas on both jaws. The dental planning was the same for all three patients and included guidelines on oral hygiene and dietary habits, fluoride therapy and a preventive approach through six-month reevaluations. In multisystemic disorders, early multidisciplinary action is vital to provide comprehensive care and reduce or even prevent complications from the condition, thus ensuring the patient's quality of life.

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