Letter from the Editor
Speculations about future trends in the field of ecotoxicology
Time, gravity and the exterior angle of parallelism
Conservation laws, machines of the first type and superluminal communication
A dual, particle-wave model of an electron based on an analogy with long-range, van der Waals dispersive forces
Semiclassical model for the absorption or emission of a photon by a charged particle in an intense static electric field
The Sun and Jupiter as a binary system
Revising Big Bang cosmology
The masses of hadrons
The toroid antenna as a conditioner of electromagnetic fields into (low energy) gauge fields*
Mitotic and amitotic cell replication in malignant melanoma : the role of subdivisional cell replication
Planck's constant and necessarily time-extended phenomena
Where do cosmic rays come from?
A prediction from quantum gravity
Tibetan power : A unique hydro-electric macroproject servicing India and China
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