Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine Deformity as a Cause for Extra-articular Hip Impingement in Young Athletes After an Avulsion Fracture: A Case Report

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Extra-articular hip impingement from prior traumatic injury to the anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) is an uncommon cause of groin pain in young athletes. Currently, the most common treatment for this injury is arthroscopic decompression. However, hip arthroscopy is not universally available and requires advanced skills. We report 2 cases of the development of extra-articular hip impingement from unusual bony exostoses off the AIIS after traumatic injury in 2 young athletes who underwent open surgical resection. The multidisciplinary sports medicine team should be aware of the development of extra-articular impingement from traumatic injury to the AIIS and that open surgical resection is a viable alternative to arthroscopic decompression.

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