Disc Excision and Spine Fusion in the Management of Lumbar Disc Disease
Failed Lumbar Disc Surgery Requiring Second Operation
The Basic Kinematics of the Human Spine
Symposium:Lumbar Arachnoiditis: Nomenclature, Etiology, and Pathology
Guest-Editors' Comment
Lumbosacral Arachnoiditis
Effects of Contrast Media on the Canine Subarachnoid Space
Microscopic Lysis of Lumbar Adhesive Arachnoiditis
Spinal Arachnoiditis
Lumbar Adhesive Arachnoiditis
Cauda Equina Arachnoiditis
Adhesive Arachnoiditis Following Lumbar Myelography
Arachnoiditis from Experimental Myelography With Aqueous Contrast Media
Lumbar Myelography With Amipaque
Arachnoiditis Ossificans
Obliterative Arachnoiditis: A Complication of Spinal Stenosis
Chronic Spinal Arachnoiditis