Mechanical Properties of Human Lumbar Spine Motion Segments
Congenital Atlantoaxial Fusion
Studies on Spinal and Peripheral Muscles From Patients With Scoliosis
Lung Function in Young Persons After Spinal Fusion For Scoliosis
Simultaneous Anterior and Posterior Surgical Approach to the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine
Neurologic Recovery of Paraplegia Following Use of Salmon Calcitonin in a Patient With Paget's Disease of Spine
Thoracic Disc Herniation Treatment and Prognosis
Transabdominal Neurostimulation in Acute Spinal Cord Injuries
The Influence of Backrest Inclination and Lumbar Support on Lumbar Lordosis
Spine Fusion for Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis in Children
The Treatment of Lumbar Spondyloptosis or Impending Lumbar Spondyloptosis Accompanied by Neurologic Deficit and/or Neurogenic Intermittent Claudication
The MMPI as a Predictor of Outcome in Low-Back Surgery
Anterior Spinal Tenderness in Low-Back Pain Syndromes
The Stoop- Test in Lumbar Entrapment Radiculopathy
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