Symposium: Decision Making in the Management of Low-Back Pain
Reliability and Reproducibility of Clinical Findings In Low-Back Pain
A More Precise Diagnosis for Low-Back Pain
Lumbar Discography
Total Myelography in the Evaluation of Lumbar Discs
Patient Selection for Lumbar Discectomy
Biomechanical Testing as an Aid to Decision Making in Low-Back Pain Patients
A Lumbar Disc Surgery Predictive Score Card
The Role of Laminectomy, Facet Rhizotomy, and Epidural Steroids
Surgical Treatment of Degenerative Spondylolithesis
Epidemiologic and Clinical Studies of Long-Term Prognosis of Low-Back Pain and Sciatica
The Pennsylvania Plan
Variations in the Amount and Distribution of Cortical Bone Across the Partes Interarticulares of L5
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Myelographic Defect on the Side Opposite the Leg Pain
Pedicle Fat Grafts for the Prevention of Scar Formation After Laminectomy